Discover the power of the microbiome to heal your pet

Digestive, skin, and oral solutions for pet parents and veterinarians

Discover the power of the microbiome to heal your pet

Digestive, skin, and oral solutions for pet parents and veterinarians

World’s largest database for pet microbiome research and development

World’s largest database for pet microbiome research and development

Get to the root of your pet’s problems

with a personalized action plan

  • Detect harmful bacteria
  • Find missing bacteria
  • Check microbial imbalances
  • Compare your pet’s gut to a set of healthy cats or dogs
  • Receive dietary recommendations
  • Personalize your supplement routine
  • Enjoy the ease of an at-home and non-invasive test

A disrupted gut microbiome can cause these symptoms

When your cat’s or dog’s gut composition contains harmful microbes, is missing key beneficial bacteria, or has an imbalanced proportion of microbes, symptoms like these are more likely to occur.

88% of cats and 92% of dogs experienced at least one symptom in the last 12 months*

*Findings from AnimalBiome’s State of the Gut 2022 Report

Zuki’s Story

“Zuki suffered from atopic dermatitis. She had lost fur, her skin was red, and she constantly scratched. Zuki was surrendered to DC Shiba Ina Rescue due to her skin problems. She was in a great deal of discomfort. She began with the DoggyBiome Gut Restore capsules and we adjusted her diet. With diet changes, gut microbiome testing and microbiome therapy, Zuki made an incredible transformation. After two months, she was on her way to a healthy coat of fur, and her skin was no longer red. She was so much happier! Thank you AnimalBiome.”

Rocky’s Story

“Rocky had awful bouts of diarrhea after antibiotic treatment. We are happy to report that Rocky is feeling better now after using KittyBiome’s supplement. Within days of starting the treatment I noticed a huge difference in Rocky and his poop. The diarrhea has stopped! Thank you for saving Rocky from having to be on meds that only help with the symptoms of an unbalanced gut! Thank you for helping me treat the main cause of his issues.”

Emmy’s Story

“Emmy had chronic diarrhea, vomiting, and she was rapidly losing weight. We tried diet changes and medications, but we couldn’t get her to stabilize until DoggyBiome’s products. After microbiome testing and the supplements, there was a turning point. Emmy had firm poops! Then she was gaining weight.”

Marigold’s Story

“I promised Marigold I would find a solution to her chronic diarrhea. Within 3 days of starting the supplements, Marigold regained control over her bowel movements. After one week, she was doing something she had almost never done since I had known her–she was having normal bowel movements.”

Daisy Mae’s Story

“The Gut Test is very comprehensive and really impressive! The Gut Restore Supplement did improve her health, along with a change of diet, and supplements. The second Gut Test shows improvement, and she’s no longer having any problems with vomiting, nausea or diarrhea. I cannot overstate how helpful and knowledgeable the DoggyBiome team is! The consult after the test with a team member is extremely helpful.

After almost a year of tearing my hair out trying to figure out what to do to help my dog, she is now full of energy, has an extremely good appetite, and her bowel movements are perfect. Thank you!

Three ways AnimalBiome advances pet health

Solve pet digestive and skin issues

through AnimalBiome science-backed tests and supplements

Educate on the importance of gut health

Empowering pet parents, veterinarians, and the pet care industry

Lead pet microbiome research

and partnerships to innovate global pet health solutions

Check out the 2022 State of the Gut™ Report

A one-of-a-kind report with findings from one of the largest pet microbiome health databases in the world and a survey of 4,000 pet parents in the U.S.

The power behind our science

Over 5,000 different types of gut bacteria analyzed

AnimalBiome’s in-house laboratories use the Illumina DNA sequencing platform to sequence 16S rRNA bacterial maker gene found in each fecal sample and employ sophisticated software to identify and analyze over 5,000 different types of gut bacteria.

Largest database of healthy pet microbiome data

We compare the results for each sample to one of the world’s largest databases of healthy cat and dog gut microbiome data.

Personalized action plans backed by science

Our gut health reports include personalized science-backed recommendations for supplements and dietary changes to improve each pet’s gut and overall health.

Pioneering studies to improve the pet health industry

Pioneering studies to improve the pet health industry

AnimalBiome’s Partners

Join us in developing solutions that help pets live longer, healthier lives

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