AnimalBiome’s Donor Program

We are looking for healthy cats and dogs in the Oakland East Bay Area to participate in our poop donation program.

Start the Donor Screening Process

If your pet meets all of the criteria below, complete a simple questionnaire about your pet to start the donor screening process. Look out for an email from to see if your pet passed our initial screening. 

Cat Donor Criteria

  • Must live in the East Bay area
  • Have a clean bill of health

Donor Criteria

  • Must live in the East Bay area
  • Have a clean bill of health
  • Is medium to large sized

How the Donor Program Works

Become a Donor

  • Complete a simple questionnaire about your pet
  • Pass a gut health screening test 
  • Get approved as a donor

Collect Poop

  • Leave daily donations in a small container (provided) outside your home
  • We assign one of our friendly drivers to pick up your donations (Mon-Fri)  
  • We pay you $100 at the end of the month 

Maintain AnimalBiome Donor Health

  • Get annual checkups at the vet (we’ll cover the exam cost!)
  • Regular monitoring of your dog’s gut health (free to you!)
  • Work with an awesome team that is knowledgeable about pet gut health

Why Are We Interested In Healthy Pet Poop?

There are trillions of bacteria and other important microbes that live along the intestinal tract of healthy pets. These microorganisms play a critical role in an animal’s overall health, from nutrient absorption, to immune function, and preventing disease. 

There are many health conditions that are related to an imbalance in the bacteria in cats and dogs. And they are quite common too! About one in three pets suffers from digestive or skin-related symptoms that could be improved with restoring healthy gut bacteria.

A healthy community of gut microorganisms can be transferred to a sick recipient through a fecal transplant. We need healthy poop from healthy donors to create safe fecal transplants for pets in need. Learn more about our science and fecal transplants here

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