Dog and a phone screen of results from AnimalBiome's Fecal Image Analysis


AI-Driven Fecal Image Scan

Snap a photo of your pet’s poop and receive quick automated health insights before taking a comprehensive gut microbiome test.

Dog and a phone screen of results from AnimalBiome's Fecal Image Analysis
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Detect blood

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Check for mucus

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Find parasites

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Verify appropriate consistency

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Gauge if your pet may need immediate veterinary assistance

illustration of a person taking a picture of their pet's poop

How It Works

  • Snap a photo of your pet’s poop

    Upload the photo to our AI-driven image scanner.

  • Receive the results via email

    Basic insights generated through our image scanner provides you a good introduction to the state of your pet’s gut health before a comprehensive microbiome test.

  • Dive deeper into your pet’s gut microbiome

    Take a Gut Microbiome Health Test to discover gut imbalances and specific bacteria that may be causing your pet discomfort. Learn More

  • Get actionable steps to improve your pet’s health

    Included with a Gut Microbiome Health Test, receive custom supplement and diet recommendations to help restore or maintain your pet’s gut health.

Start your pet’s free fecal image analysis

More science, more restorative power.

Discover to the root of your pet’s problems with AnimalBiome’s Gut Microbiome Test

  • Detect harmful bacteria
  • Find missing bacteria
  • Check microbial imbalances
  • Compare your pet’s gut to a set of healthy cats or dogs
  • Receive dietary recommendations
  • Personalize your supplement routine
  • Enjoy the ease of an at-home and non-invasive test
KittyBiome Gut Microbiome Health Test and DoggyBiome Gut Microbiome Health Test
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