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AnimalBiome is working to better understand the products our pets consume, and how they affect their microbiome and overall health.

We have tested foods, functional treats, probiotics, postbiotics, supplements, and fecal microbiota transplants. We also target specific health issues commonly associated with gut and oral dysbiosis, such as itchy skin, bad breath, diarrhea, and allergies.

Whether you have a feline friend or a canine companion, your pet’s participation in our studies helps make a difference in creating happier, healthier lives for all pets.

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General Recruitment for Research Studies

If you’re interested in enrolling your pet or would like to provide valuable information to aid in our ongoing studies, we would love to hear from you! Please fill out our Pet Health Research Participant form and we will reach out to you if you’re a match for upcoming research.

Gut Restore Supplement Before & After Survey

We will be surveying pet parents whose pets have taken AnimalBiome’s Gut Restore Supplement to learn more about the wide range of benefits of GRS for pets. These surveys will help us gather more data on the variety of symptoms and conditions that this supplement helps to improve, as well as how long it takes to see improvement for different symptoms.

Daily Probiotics For All Life Stages

We’re excited to announce our latest research study, conducted in collaboration with one of our scientific partners. This study aims to explore the benefits of two new daily probiotic supplements designed to improve dogs’ well-being. Thanks to the innovative design of these probiotics with benefits targeted to specific life stages, we will be recruiting dogs of all ages, including both puppies and senior dogs.

If you have a senior dog, a puppy, or a dog of any age, please fill out the Pet Health Research Participant Form in order to be notified when the recruitment form for this study goes live.

Studies Undergoing Analysis

Leader Dogs for the Blind Study

In collaboration with Leader Dogs for the Blind, a nonprofit organization, our study aimed to proactively address the occurrence of diarrhea in puppies bred for service dog training programs. We predicted that balancing the gut microbiome of breeding dams would help the mothers pass on beneficial bacteria to their puppies, leading to healthier puppies that are more likely to qualify for service dog training. To achieve this objective, we conducted a double-blind, placebo-controlled study where our Gut Restoration Supplement was given to breeding dams, and its effects on the gut health and development of their puppies were tracked over time.

Itchy Skin EpiCor Supplement Study

The goal of this study is to determine the most effective dosage of EpiCor to provide symptom relief and microbiome benefits for cats and dogs with itchy skin and other skin problems. EpiCor is an immune modulating postbiotic ingredient derived from yeast, which has also been used as a health promoting supplement for humans.

GMP Study

We are evaluating our DoggyBiome Gut Maintenance Plus supplement on healthy dogs. The primary objective of the study is to support their gut health and microbiome balance during demanding periods of high athletic performance.

Completed Studies

The KittyBiome Project: Understanding Core Bacteria in Cats

In this study we surveyed the microbiome composition of a variety of domestic cats with different ages, diets, and living situations. We identified a group of 30 core bacteria found in most cats. The composition of these bacteria remained relatively consistent across age groups, however the number of taxa present decreased with age.

Petcurean GO! Solutions Digestion + Gut Health Diet Study

This study tested the effect of a new diet designed for digestion and gut health on the microbiome and stooling habits of healthy dogs. We saw significant improvements in stool quality and support for a healthy microbiome, particularly during the challenge of diet transitions.

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*Study participants may receive cash compensation and/or free products or free gut health tests, depending on the study.

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