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AnimalBiome’s industry partners

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Sample industry studies

EpiCor study for cats and dogs with itchy skin

This study will determine the most effective dosage of EpiCor to provide symptom relief and microbiome benefits for cats and dogs with itchy skin and other skin problems. EpiCor is an immune modulating postbiotic ingredient derived from yeast.

Cricket protein and the dog gut microbiome with Jiminy’s

This study was conducted with Jiminy’s to investigate the effects of edible cricket on the gut microbiome of healthy dogs. Crickets contain protein and prebiotic fiber and their inclusion in the diet supports a healthy level of bacterial diversity.

Petcurean GO! Solutions Digestion + Gut Health diet study

This study tested the effect of a new diet designed for digestion and gut health on the microbiome and stooling habits of healthy dogs. We saw significant improvements in stool quality and support for a healthy microbiome, particularly during the challenge of diet transitions.

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AnimalBiome’s academic partners

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Oral FMT & Diabetes Mellitus in cats and dogs

Dr. Arnon Gal, University of Illinois

Dr. Arnon Gal, a professor of small-animal internal medicine at the University of Illinois, College of Veterinary Medicine is conducting a placebo-controlled study to find out whether changing the population of microbes in the gut using FMT in an oral capsule can improve glucose tolerance in diabetic dogs and cats and potentially even cure diabetes in cats.

AnimalBiome’s non-profit partners

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Sample non-profit studies

Preventing diarrhea in a service dog breeding program with FMT

Diarrhea can be a serious problem for puppies in service dog breeding programs, and may prevent them from completing training. In the study, we aim to prevent or reduce this by treating the mothers with FMT prior to pregnancy, so that they can pass on a healthier microbiome to their puppies. We also tested the efficacy of GMP for treating diarrhea in puppies. This study is a partnership with Leader Dogs for the Blind.

Changes in the gut microbiome of Golden Retrievers with cancer

In partnership with the Morris Animal Foundation and Hills Pet Nutrition, we are using samples from the Golden Retriever Lifetime Study to compare the gut microbiomes of Golden Retrievers that passed away from cancer (lymphoma or hemangiosarcoma) to those that are healthy. We hope to understand changes that may occur in the microbiome around the time that cancer develops, and as it progresses.

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